This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.


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Still in Winter
Kyoto was warm,
with small flowers on branches of trees.
But here in our town
we are still in winter.

We did have some warm days and
the white covers on the earth are gone.
The white water-birds, most of them,
are gone.


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A House in a House

Do you see a small house
through the round window?
That is for young ones
to be playing in.

What is strange, or special,
about the house is
that it is in the reading room
of a public library,
for boys and girls.
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One More Picture
This is another view of the same house in the library. Do you see bookshelves? It is a reading room in the reading room.

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Sign of Spring: No Question
It may be signed with pens,
or pen-like plant stems
coming up out of the earth.

The wind is still cold
but the sun is bright
and the daytime is longer.

I saw these small plants
this morning when I was
on my way to the workplace.

The head-like parts are
flowers sending out
powder in the air.

If you take their
short skirts off,
the stems will be good in
Japanese soups.
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If you take the quickest train
going north from the JR Koriyama Station,
you will see that the
train before long goes into a
dark hole on the side of a mountain.

The train may go out on the earth after a while
but it will quickly go underearth
into another hole and it will
go on in the dark.

After ten minutes of mostly underearth journey
you will come out into a flat place among mountains.
That is our town Fukushima.
There is a mountain in the middle of the town.
You may see it in the picture.
The name of the mountain is Shinobuyama.
For us it is a great public garden.
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Fireworks over the Abukuma

A public event of
sending up fireworks
took place tonight by the
Abukuma River which
goes through our town.
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Dance of Lights

A ball of fire
goes up in the sky.

And, with a burst,
it becomes small lights.

Then there comes a
loud sound.

And the lights slowly
goes down like
going away into the
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Signs in the Sky

Some fireworks
give out forms like
letters or penciled pictures.

It makes sense, however,
to the ones looking at them from
one side only.
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A Flower of Flames

Fireworks seem like flowers.
They are beautiful.
They come up regularly every year.
They are seen for
short times.

But flowers do not make sound.
Fireworks do.
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Fire and Smoke

When we see a firework
come in front of us,
and have an outburst over us,
we take little note of the
smoke made with the fire.
The smoke seems only a
part of the dark sky.

But a camera has a
power to get smoke recorded in the
It does not go up in smoke.
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