This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.


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10,000 Books in Simple English

Kunihide Sakai,
a Japanese university teacher of English,
kept working on pleasure reading as a
way of learning language.
Based on science of learning and reading,
and on his experience of teaching in Japan,
he came to have three rules for pleasure reading:

1. Make no use of dictionaries or other wordbooks.
2. Simply go over the unclear word.
3. If the book is uninteresting, give it up.

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Ned Kelly: A True Story
Oxford Bookworms Library Level 1: Ned Kelly, a True Story (Oxford Bookworms)

He was an outlaw.
He was against the police.
He and his band of outlaws
put policemen to death.

Some say he was a good man.
Some say that
he was fighting for the poor.
He gave money to poor families.
He was one of the most noted man in
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The Polar Express
The Polar Express Chris Van Allsburg,
 the writer and painter of picture books,
 came across a poor match-boy
 with very green eyes
 one winter night.
 After getting a box of matches from him,
 he took time
 hearing the boy give a story.

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The Death of Karen Silkwood
The Death of Karen Silkwood (Oxford Bookworms Library)

Great danger, sometimes,
comes near to our houses or at our workplaces,
but we may not see it.
Even when we go by the side of it every day,
we may not be conscious of it.
When we see the danger and
do something to make ourselves safe,
we might get greater danger.
One example of this troubling condition
is the true story
of an American woman named Karen Silkwood.

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The Beatles: A Book by Paul Shipton
The Beatles (Penguin Readers, Level 3)Their music, in the 1960's and 70's,
was like air.
It was here, there, and everywhere.

Reading this book,
a short history of the Beatles,
gives me strange feelings:
memories of sad news, happy news,
colors, sounds and words coming together.
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Six Sketches
Six Sketches (Penguin Readers, Level 1)
 If you have love of humor,
 and have hope to do some
 reading out loud with your friends,
 Here is a good book,
 which has six very short stories in the
 form of radio-play.
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The Big Picture
The Big Picture: Level 1 (Cambridge English Readers)
This story takes place in a
strange country named "Japan."
All the names of the
persons and places in the story
are in Japanese,
but reading it gives me a
strange feeling.

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Great Cats, Small Cats
コメント:A boy's journey round the Earth.

 I said,
in my past writings,
that the Japanese word "neko"
is only for small cats which
you see on the street or
in your houses.

This picture book gives you
good examples of cats in English language.

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The Important Book
 This is a book of
twelve short verses.

Every verse in it
has the same opening line:

"The important thing about. . . ."

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Looking for HIS Color
A Color of His OwnThe chameleon
is a strange animal.
When it is in the grass,
its skin is green.
When it is on earth,
its skin has the
color of earth.

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