This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.


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Early Signs
  • 07:34  Shockwave came again though we've had no damage. The early music program on NHK-FM was stopped by quick news progran about the earth shock.
  • 07:42  It's a very, very cold but beautiful morning, however, with the town covered with snow and the dark branches of trees against the blue sky.
  • 07:57  @readable
    The news on the radio said that the one we had this morning was one of those aftershocks.  [in reply to readable]
  • 20:58  After of a number of attempts and errors, my journey in 'Myst V: End of Ages' has been completed. It's been beautiful and full of surprise.
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  • 22:16  It's been a day of shockwave and it'll be THE day of shockwave. The hardest one was very, very hard. I was unable to keep myself on my feet.
  • 22:18  Aftershock has been coming again and again, over and over. We still have water, electric power and the Internet. But the water might be out.
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Day 2
  • 09:52  We are safe in Fukushima, because our town is a long way from the sea and from the power plants. But the telephone line in our flat is out.
  • 10:48  Roads in Fukushima are full of automobiles. Some round-the-clock stores are shut or empty. We are still having, short and small, aftershocks.
  • 13:39  @readable @hirokiharoki It's very kind of you. We'll keep hanging on. There are boys, girls, men and women having a harder time by the sea.
  • 15:29  Kawachi in the town of Fukushima is open. Going there however might be very hard, because the road [is] full of automobiles looking for food.
  • 15:33  [There] will be in great need of electric power. So let's keep our use of power smallest. Make no waste. That will be one way of helping them.
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Water Is Stopping
  • 10:25  We are still having aftershocks. Some are soft and some are hard. Water in our building is stopping. The good thing is that it's a warm day.
  • 13:08  Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, is made of three wide places: Aizu, Nakadohri, and Hamadohri. They're different places separated by mountains.
  • 13:13  We are living in the town named Fukushima, which is the government seat of Fukushima Prefecture. The town is in the north part of Nakadohri.
  • 13:17  Hamadohri is a long and narrow flatland by the sea, with those power plants. It's the place which took the hardest blows from the tsunami.
  • 13:19  The point after all is that my experience living in the town of Fukushima may not be very different from other places like Aizu or Koriyama.
  • 13:44  It's warm. I've been cleaning our place. We are going out, on our two-wheelers, to take a look round our town and hoping to get some water.
  • 15:27  I've been to the nearest branch of our town government. It has a water station, with a long, long line of men and women, waiting for hours.
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My Twitter Notes from Yesterday
  • 06:14  Experts were saying yesterday that there might be a hard aftershock within 3 days after the hardest one. It was hard to have a long sleep.
  • 06:17  I became awake a number of times in the night, because of fear, and I became very awake at 4:30 because of the noise made by the helicopter.
  • 06:22  But the noise did some good, because I was able to go out in the dark, with a plastic water bag. I went to the water station and got somel.
  • 06:43  There were some angry words at the water station, but most of the ones waiting were quiet. The men giving water were kind and working hard.
  • 11:08  Tsunami is coming to Shinchimachi of Hamadohri, Fukushima Prefecture. It's to be three meters high. If you are there, go to a higher place.
  • 11:10  If you are in Hamadohri or seaside in Miyagi, please go to a high place, now, quickly. Tsunami is coming.
  • 11:12  Tsunami might be higher than three meters.
  • 11:57  I said that tsunami was coming. It was based on the radio news. The weather division of the Japanese government, however, says there isn't.
  • 17:33  The NHK man on the radio said that a high wave was seen from a helicopter but it was probably a different sort of wave. It wasn't a tsunami.
  • 17:37  Great pole of smoke went up out of a building in Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant, this morning. Hydrogen (H2) took fire and went off.
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My Twitter Notes from Yesterday
  • 06:53  We're tired of serious news from nationwide network. Small radio stations in our town send out down-to-earth, necessary, news, with details.
  • 06:56  Ibaraki Prefecture is in the south of Fukushima Prefecture. Some towns in Ibaraki had a very hard time by tsunami. Some are in need of help.
  • 07:23  The woman on Radio Fukushima says that the highway bus line from Koriyama to Fukushima and from Fukushima to Koriyama is to go on regularly.
  • 09:05  RT @Chihokomoriya: Awesome! Japanese Self-Defense Force rescued a baby who was born four months. Cool! #Japan ...
  • 10:43  An old song is coming out of the radio. We are now living like the days before a system of running water, washing with a very small amount.
  • 11:25  Naoto Kan says that you have to keep yourself in the house if you are within the range of 30 km from Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant.
  • 14:23  Dark cloud is over the town. Regular food delivery of the week has come from Coop Fukushima. It's only one day late. It's very kind of them.
  • 17:30  Having nothing inside, in high level English, is "vacuum." Act of making a vacuum by going out of the place is "evacuate" or "evacuation."
  • 17:40  The letter "e," used in the word "evacuation," is the same as "ex-." It's a sign for going "out." So going out of danger is "evacuation."
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My Twitter Notes from Yesterday
  • 07:49  @jayveemarques I have to go to work today, cleaning and meeting. So it will be hard.  [in reply to jayveemarques]
  • 17:26  I've been to my workplace today. One of my friends kindly took me there in his automobile. It's been a cold day. Now snow is falling down.
  • 18:29  I'd had no fear when the earth was shaking, however hard, till 11 of March this year. Now even a small shake makes me take a breath. (^-^;)
  • 18:46  A request from a tired man: Give us more notes with foolish humor. They make us happy and healthy. They are good. They are food for hearts.
  • 22:51  The Greeks, in very, very old days, had a belief that the shockwave, or earthquake, was caused by Poseidon, the higher being ruling the sea.
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My Twitter Notes from Yesterday
  • 09:56  About Fukushima University, in Japanese
  • 10:01  Buses students, going for Yamagata, Niigata and Nasu Shiobara are starting from Fukushima University, on 10:00AM 18 March
  • 17:08  Men at the nearby water station are working hard. A hotel and a caf? are giving away natural H2O. Other places have got back running water.
  • 18:37  Looking inside of storerooms, we made a discovery that we had three unused radios. So I took them to the nearest town office and gave them.
  • 18:42  I had the radios tested before giving them away. Those are to be used by ones who've come away from broken houses or from places in danger.
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My Twitter Notes from Yesterday
  • 08:33  It's another, very cold, morning. The night with aftershocks are gone, for a while. I've been writing in Japanese. Now the meal is ready.
  • 11:07  It's very hard but possible for us to go somewhere, by taking a very, very roundabout way, but we will be here for a while. Water is back.
  • 17:03  It's been a week from the hardest blow which gave death, damage and destruction. I saw, yesterday, small and white flowers of early spring.
  • 22:45  I have taken a long and warm bath. It's the first time this week. Now I'm feeling clean and loose, hoping the "radioactive" dust is washed.
  • 23:06  The Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power Plant hasn't given electric power to Fukushima. The owner of the plant is TOKYO Electric Power Company.
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My Twitter Notes from Yesterday
  • 09:30  We did have a thin newspaper on the day after. After that, no news has come in the printed from till this morning. The new one has 20 pages.
  • 14:11  Some of my friends from England are going back to Britain, helped by the UK government. They have a mixed feeling about going away from us.
  • 14:15  I'm certain they've had a hard time making up their minds. It's not a simple decision. I have a strong hope that their journey will go well.
  • 23:26  We went to the middle part of town. Streets were rather quiet. Some bars were open, but the restaurants were shut. We gave up and came back.
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