This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.


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The sky was clear and blue
this morning.
It was a pleasure to
have a walk on the
road in the sunlight.
After the middle-day meal, however,
the sky was covered with cloud.
I went out anyway,
with my son,
to see artworks by Taro Okamoto
at the public house of art
in our town.
Okamoto was an
internationally noted painter.
He made,
in addition to pictures,
strange forms using
earth, glass, stone, wood or
other materials.
His works have a
strange power,
with a dark, violent quality and a
happy, baby-like quality,
mixed up together.

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My Online Works: Past and Present
1995. It's not clear in my memory because it was a long time back from now. It was probably in the spring of 1995 when my online page was started at Fukushima University, helped by Mr. Kikuchi, who was an expert of market science and head of our university network. The old page is still online as Ryota's Rooms:

2005 March. Years went by and it's a time for web-logs, online daybooks, so I made a new start with Ryota's Daybook: Language Arts & Basic English:

2005 November. Days went by, things have been changed, and I had an increase of my new knowledge. So let me get started for one more time, with this Ryota's New Daybook.

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It was a warm day yesterday.
And it is still warm today.This may be the start of spring-like days named, in Japanese, "koharu biyori" or small spring days.

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Cold at Night
After sundown it has become cold. It seems different from true spring days. English language has a word-group: Indian summer. I have no idea why it is Indian.

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The air is white with very small bits of water. It isn't possible to see the other side of the river. The sun is sending a soft light down through the white air.This is Day 2 of our university open house. Boys, girls,men and women are on the train. This fall event is different from what we had in summer. This time teachers do not have much part. Young persons have food, drinks, music and dances. It is time for play and pleasure.

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is great automobile used frequently in public transport systems. The word is not on Ogden's list of 850 words. One of the international words, however, is for the same thing: autobus. So I make use of the new and shorter form.

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Decision for Moving
I have made up my mind to make this Jugem daybook my base station in English. Ryota's Daybook at will be open [for] a while, but I will not put a new writing there.
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The First Snow
Gray is the color of the sky today. Small, white bits are coming down. The face of the earth is dark. Winter is here.

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A Day with Colors
Snow kept falling last night. Today our town is ornamented with white covers. The sky was blue-white when I went out with my son. When we were walking to the library we suddenly came to a place where the earth was covered with something yellow. It was, or they were, leaves which had come down from branches over.
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The Zen Snowman
The snowfall last weekend was not much. The white covers on the earth went away in a number of days. When we have enough snow, young ones may make, out of thick snow on the earth, a snowman. Japanese boys and girls, unlike the British and Americans, do not make a snowman with a long body and arms made of sticks. They make one by putting a snowball on another. The Japanese snowman with a short and round body is named "Yuki Daruma," or Snow Dharma. It was named after the starter of Zen Buddhism.

Dharma has been a common symbol of strong and quiet mind among the Japanese. A form of that Chinese man, with no arms and legs, as a plaything and ornament, has been seen in stores and houses.

The Snow Dharma, or Zen Snowman, keeps himself seated, in the cold wind, through winter days and nights. When a warm wind comes his training will be over. And his days on the earth will be over, with his head and body turning into water. The young ones who made him may give a sad word of parting, but they will have little thought of him after.

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