This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.


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Motion pictures generally have actors moving and talking in them. Some of them are stars in the pictures.

There are another sort of motion pictures, in which you see no actors. Those players give voices only. The animals, boys, girls, men and women in this sort of pictures are made of painted colors and lines. They make moves, sometimes naturally and sometimes unnaturally but with a good effect. This sort of moving picture goes by the name of "animation."

Animations, or animated pictures became noted by an American named Walt Disney and his men. He made animations chiefly for the young, from the 1930's to 60's.

Japan, in addition to Disney, has had a number of men seriously making animations, like Osamu TEZUKA, Hayao MIYAZAKI, and so on.

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Contemporary Movie Monologues
Contemporary Movie Monologues 1960-1989 for Audition And Study: A Sourcebook for Actors (Monologue Audition Series)
If you are a learner of English
hoping to go up to a level
higher than simple exchanges
like "How are you?" or "This bag, please,"
take note that monologues, or
long, sometimes one-sided, talks
are necessary.
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English through Motion Pictures
English language used in moving pictures, or in movies,
is not truly the natural English used for
everyday talk.

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Contemporary Movie Monologues, Again
Let me put more about Contemporary Movie Monologues 1960-1989 for Audition and Study: A Sourcebook for Actors. I said that the monologues, or one-person talks, were taken from 51 motion pictures. I have made a list of the moving pictures. Eight of them are from the 1960's, five are from the 70's, and 38 from the 80's.

Here goes the list:

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The Last Temptation of Christ
When this motion picture was
first made public in 1988,
it was in newspaper headlines,
because some Christian organizations
made statements against it.

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The Bird Man of Alcatraz

What would you do if you were to be a
prisoner with no chance to be free?

Would you do nothing, with no hope?

Or would you do something highly valued?

There was a man in prison who
became internationally noted by
taking care of small birds and
learning about them.
The true story of the man was
made into a book,
and then a black-and-white motion picture:
The Bird Man of Alcatraz.

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River's Edge
リバース・エッジWhat will you do if you get the news that
you may see a dead person, on the earth,
out of your town, but not far away?
Go and see it, like the boys in Stand by Me?
This time, however, the dead girl is your school-friend, put to death by [her] boyfriend.
Other school-friends are going there
with HIM. Are you going with them?
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クリエイターDo you have a memory of an old bedtime story
about a boy who gives a kiss to a girl,
who has been dead or sleeping for years?
The kiss makes her conscious and
living again.

If a story like that takes place in the 1980's,
it will be better to be with a taste of science.
The old person with the strange power
will be an expert of science.

But what sort of science?
An attempt to make a dead person living again
is like the work of Dr. Frankenstein.

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Harold and Maude
Harold and Maude This motion picture,
 when it was first made public in 1971,
 didn't do well on the road.
 It was on theaters in Japan for a short time.
 A Japanese record company was happy with the
 songs by Cat Stevens used in the moving picture,
 so an LP record was made, only in Japan.

After that,
Harold and Maude went away and
most of us were no more interested in the movie.
But some who saw it, however,
were in love with it.
They said it was their best movie ever!

They have kept saying so.
There are a number of online pages about the movie.
The story was made into a song-play and
produced in the United States.
It was made into a work for public reading and
produced onstage in Japan.

Is the movie so good?
It is hard to make certain because there is
no DVD or VHS of the movie produced in Japan.
But you may get a used VHS from overseas.

I got a DVD of this movie.
So I will give an outline:

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Da Vinci Is Not His Family Name
The Da Vinci CodeLeonardo da Vinci,
the great man of arts and sciences,
had his birth in a small Italian town.
The name of the town was Vinci.

He became a noted man when he was
living in Florence.
Because he was from Vinci,
he went by the name of Leonardo da Vinci.
"Da" between "Leonardo" and "Vinci,"
if you put it into English,
is "of " or "from."

And he had no family name,
like a great number of men those days
did not.

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