This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.


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Basho Again
A form of Basho is in front of the JR Shinshirakawa Station. I came here yesterday, with my young friends, to take an automobile to Ten-Ei Mura British Hills. The automobile was on the other side of the station.
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British Hills in Japan

 This is one of the houses
 on the British Hills.

 We had rooms and beds

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The Chief Building, British Hills
This building has the front office of British Hills. It is a copy of a
very old building in England.


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A Night in British Hills

Trees in the front garden had
electric lights on.

We had talks and drinks
in the public house.
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More about the Hills
20060418_131732.jpg Hills are small mountains.

 British Hills in fact
 are not hills or mountains.
 They are a sort of hotel
 on a mountain,
 with a special purpose.

 Nearly everything in
 this hotel
 is British or English.

 The building and the
 14 houses
 are copies of old ones in

Most of the workers are able to give talks in English
though some have Australian sounds.
Streets are clean with no automatic soft-drink machines.
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Who's There?

This is the office building of
British Hills.

In front of the office building,
there is a black form of
someone seated.

Who is it?
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Who Is It Again?
20060429_137021.jpg This is the one seated in
 front of the British Hills
 office building.
 This person has a
 short growth of hair
 on the upper lip.
 So this is a man.
 He has little hair on the
 top of his head but has
 long hair on the back.
 He is in short
 bag-like trousers and
 pointed shoes.
 He has a roll of paper in his
 left hand.

Now you may see who he is.
He is the most note[d] English writer of verse and plays.
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The Chaucer House
 Every house at British Hills
 has a name.

 This house is named

 Other houses have names
 like "Newton," "Wren,"
 "Drake" and so on.

 They are the names of
 Englishmen noted in the
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The Pub
"Pub" is a short form of "public house."
It is a place for
talks and drinks.

British Hills
have their pub among
other houses.
Do you see its signboard
in this picture?

The name of this
public house
is "Falstaff."
It is to be sounded
like "fall-staff."
It was named after
Sir John Falstaff,
the very fat man of humor
in plays by Shakespeare.
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British Hills Store

This house made of stones
is a store of goods like
and so on.
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