This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.
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The Bird Man of Alcatraz

What would you do if you were to be a
prisoner with no chance to be free?

Would you do nothing, with no hope?

Or would you do something highly valued?

There was a man in prison who
became internationally noted by
taking care of small birds and
learning about them.
The true story of the man was
made into a book,
and then a black-and-white motion picture:
The Bird Man of Alcatraz.

The moving picture is
BASED on the true story.
That is,
I am not certain if the
movie is completely true to

The story in the movie, at least,
goes like this:

Robert Stroud had a girlfriend who was
before long to get married with him.
(That's what his mother says in the moving picture.)

The girlfriend was, however,
violently forced to have sex with
another man.
Stroud got angry and
made an attack on him.
The man went to death,
and Stroud was sent to a prison.
(The police says
that she was in sex business.)

The moving picture is started with
Stroud on the train for a prison in Kansas.
The air in the carriage is so bad that
Stroud quickly gets a window-glass broken,
for better air.

When the train comes to Kansas,
an officer, watch-man working for the prison,
takes note that Stroud's behavior is specially bad.

The officer keeps doing unkind things to Stroud.
One day they have an argument over food and the
officer makes an attempt to
give Stroud a blow with a thick stick.
Stroud is quicker in attacking back,
to keep himself away from the death-blow.

The outcome is that the
officer goes dead.

Because of the crime against the prison authority,
Stroud is ordered to get a death punishment.

His mother does everything to keep him from death.
She has a chance to have a talk with the
woman who is married to the President of the United States.
With the public on his side,
his punishment is changed from
death to living,
to be inside of the wall as long as he is living.

A great change is started on a
day with a strong rainfall,
when he is moving his body to
keep himself healthy,
outside the building,
in a walled space, for a limited time.
There he sees a small bird, on the earth,
being wet and feeble.
He takes the bird to his room and
gets an approval from the
new manager of the prison
to take care of the bird.

Other men in the prison because of their crimes
get approvals like his one
to take care of birds.
Stroud gives help to them,
and the prison becomes full of birds.

When some birds get disease,
Stroud has to go through
reading, learning and testing,
to get them healthy again.
The increase of his knowledge
lets him keep birds and now
he is able to send letters to a
newspaper for caretakers of birds.
He becomes noted as a bird expert.

Getting help from the
owner of a bird-store outside,
Stroud's new business is started.

An expert of law and prison,
who was head of the Kansas prison when Stroud came,
is now in Washington, D.C., and
he is unhappy with
Stroud's doing business from the prison.
He gives an order
to take Stroud out of Kansas and
put him in the prison island near San Francisco.
It is the greatly feared prison of Alcatraz.

He is not to take care of birds there.
But he is to have more surprises.
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