This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.
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クリエイターDo you have a memory of an old bedtime story
about a boy who gives a kiss to a girl,
who has been dead or sleeping for years?
The kiss makes her conscious and
living again.

If a story like that takes place in the 1980's,
it will be better to be with a taste of science.
The old person with the strange power
will be an expert of science.

But what sort of science?
An attempt to make a dead person living again
is like the work of Dr. Frankenstein.

The Dr. F. in this motion picure,
is a university teacher.
The boy and the girl are young persons learning there.

Harry Wolper, played by Peter O'Toole,
is a great man of science,
who got Nobel Prize in the past,
and now working for the Medical School
at a university.
But he is more interested in getting back
Mrs. Lucy Wolper, who has been dead for 30 years.
So he keeps a very small bit of her body
in his house workroom,
hoping to make a "clone," or copy, of Lucy.

Act of making up something,
in high-level English,
is creation.
Someone who does it is a creator.
Creation, when the word is started with a great letter like this,
is God's work of making the sun, the lands, and the living things.
We see the story in the opening part of The Bible.

No one, so far, has ever made the birth of a person,
but out of the mother's body.
But Harry is attempting to be one.

He doesn't have enough time,
beside his work at university,
to take care of the bit.
He is in need of a helper.

Boris, played by Vincent Spano,
is a young university-man learning
medical science.
He becomes Harry's helper,
but he is more interested in a
university-woman named Barbara.
Getting help from Harry,
Boris gets a chance to be her boyfriend.

Harry, on the other hand,
is in need of a living egg from a
young and strong woman,
to give the bit a growth in the
testing bottle.
He gets the egg from a
rough and good-hearted Meli,
played by Mariel Hemingway.
But Meli gets in love with Harry.

Dr. Sid Kuhlenbeck,
another university teacher and medical expert,
is against Harry, and attempting to
get Harry moved to another university.
He goes round Harry's house,
hoping to get a reason to
make Harry kicked out.

Harry, however, gets another trouble.
He is forced by Meli to make clear about
whose love he will take.

Barbara, who has been very happy with Boris,
gets suddenly unconscious because of an
wound in her brain.
She goes into coma,
a condition between sleep and death,
taking no breath,
and she is kept on living by a machine.

This time, kissing is not enough.

Sid says that Barbara is the same as being dead,
and he makes an attempt to
take her off the support machine.
But Harry comes in between,
giving the last chance,
48 hours for Boris to take her back
to the land of the living,
by overnight talking.

Boris, by her bed, keeps on talking,
till his voice gets dry and hard.
Will his word of love make her conscious again?
And will Harry get back Lucy?
Or will he get Meli.
Is he to go out?

If you are interested, see the movie, Creator
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