This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.
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The Basic Words: Let's Get It Back in Print
The best book for the learner of Ogden's Basic English, after reading through Book 1 and 2 of English through Pictures by Richards and Gibson, is The Basic Words.

The Basic Words, by Charles Kay Ogden himself, was first made in print in 1932. You may see Ogden's advertisement, in Basic, for the book, made online by me, here:

This book was kept in print by a Tokyo book company named The Hokuseido Press. The sad thing is that the book is now out of print.

But I am not giving up.
I have made a Japanese online page which take requests to make the book back in print again, at When have got requests from 100 persons, the organization will make a start of talking with the company.

If you are interested, please go to the page and take look. Let's get it going!
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