This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.
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10,000 Books in Simple English

Kunihide Sakai,
a Japanese university teacher of English,
kept working on pleasure reading as a
way of learning language.
Based on science of learning and reading,
and on his experience of teaching in Japan,
he came to have three rules for pleasure reading:

1. Make no use of dictionaries or other wordbooks.
2. Simply go over the unclear word.
3. If the book is uninteresting, give it up.

Another important thing
made clear by Mr. Sakai
is that it is better for the
early learner to take time
reading books in
very simple English.
Coming across very simple words
over and over in long stories
make the reader come to
grips with complex ideas in
those words,
and it becomes the base knowledge of
the language.

So it is important to
have a great amount of
reading material which is
simple and interesting.

Other Japanese who got interested in
Mr. Sakai's idea
made a new group with him,
which was named "SSS,"
or "Start with Simple Stories."
They took time
going through
side readers and picture books,
and they put their experience together.

The fruit of their work
is made online,
and put into the book in Japanese,
named Eigo Tadoku Kanzen Book Guide
[A Complete Guide to Reading Books in Simple English].

In print or online,
their guides give readers
selections of books in
different levels of English.

Learning English is like
going up a mountain.
But now you
don't have to
go up against a wall of stone.
This book is the map of
gardens round the mountain.
Take time
walking in the gardens,
looking at flowers,
and take lights, colors and smells.
You will be strong enough to
go up the slopes.
Happy reading!
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SSS was started with Mr. Sakai as the representative.
After years of working together, however,
it became clear that Sakai and Akio Furukawa,
who has been doing the work of its manager,
had different opinions over details on
learning language.

So they have become separate.
Mr. Furukawa now takes care of SSS.
Mr. Sakai has his online pages with
more weight on natural ways to getting
knowledge of language.
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