This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.
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Ned Kelly: A True Story
Oxford Bookworms Library Level 1: Ned Kelly, a True Story (Oxford Bookworms)

He was an outlaw.
He was against the police.
He and his band of outlaws
put policemen to death.

Some say he was a good man.
Some say that
he was fighting for the poor.
He gave money to poor families.
He was one of the most noted man in
'Ned? Is that you? Oh, Ned!' Ellen Kelly ran to the door. Ned, now nineteen years old, tall and strong, was home from prison. He put his arms round his mother.
'Hello, Ma,' he said.
'Oh, Ned, it's good to see you,' said Ellen.

Time was 1870s.
Most of white men living in Australia
were rough and violent.
The police were kind to some,
and hard to others.

This book gives an account of
Ned as a boy and young man,
with old pictures taken by cameras
and new pictures put down by the pen.

Ned Kelly: A True Story was by Christine Lindop.
It is one of Oxford Bookworms Library, Stage 1, 400 word level.
It is about 4,000 words long.
Its level judged by SSS in Japan is 2.

The Extensive Reading Foundation,
an international group of teachers
working on guided reading for pleasure,
says that Ned Kelly is one of the
best books for older learners of English.
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Mrs. Tsuchiya, my married woman,
is learning English talk with other
learners of a group.

Their teacher who is female, is from
Australia. She probably have good
knowledge of the noted man: Ned Kelly.

I gave a rough account of the book,
which you put forward, to Mrs. Tsuchiya.
She is happy about it and is going to
have a talk about it with the teacher.

So We made an order of the book to Amazon
the oter day. In a short time it will come
to our place. She will go through it
before the coming meeting for the leaners.

After that I will get it from her.
| tsuchiya | 2006/12/16 10:26 PM |
Dear Tsuchiyasan:

I'm happy hearing the news that the
woman who is married to you
is interested in the book.
The best way to make a start of reading the book
is go through the "Glossary,"
or notes on high-level words,
at the end of the story,
BEFORE reading the story.
Please give my respect to
Mrs. Tsuchiya.
| Ryotasan | 2006/12/19 9:21 AM |

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