This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.
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The Beatles: A Book by Paul Shipton
The Beatles (Penguin Readers, Level 3)Their music, in the 1960's and 70's,
was like air.
It was here, there, and everywhere.

Reading this book,
a short history of the Beatles,
gives me strange feelings:
memories of sad news, happy news,
colors, sounds and words coming together.
Mr. Paul Shipton,
the writer of the book,
was living near Liverpool
when he was young.
It was when the band slowly came to an end
and the four men made new starts,
going different ways.
But probably he has some
firsthand knowledge and
experience about them.

The book has 20 pictures among 42 pages,
and full of interesting facts,
from their births to the latest news round 2001.

Lovers of John Lennon songs, however,
may get unhappy because
the book gives only a
short account of his songs
made after the band came to its end.

The opening lines of the book go like this:
Suddenly, everybody loved the Beatles. When the band played in concert, police had to hold back crowds of screaming fans - mainly girls. The same thing happened when the band went to a TV or radio studio. One newspaper thought of a new word to describe the country's love of the boys from Liverpool - 'Beatlemania'!

The language of the book is
"2 Elementary" or 1200 words level,
and judged by SSS, as 3.2.
The book may be hard for Japanese middle schoolers.
It is 7,200 words long.

The Beatles, by Paul Shipton. Penguin Readers, Level 3.

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