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Sky: By Carl Sandburg
コメント:Carl Sandburg. Poems for Children: Nowhere near Old Enough to Vote. Pictures by Istvan Banyai.

The sky is for birds to go up in.
The sky is as far as the moon, the stars, the sun.

The sky is higher than any mountain.

The sky is worth looking at.

worth = good enough for

Carl Sandburg, 1878-1967,
was a man of letters and music.

First of all,
he was a writer of poems.
Most of his poems were
serious free verse for men and women.
He put out, moreover,
poems and stories for boys and girls as well.
Some are beautiful and
most are full of humor.

And he was interested as well
in old songs of common Americans.
He took time learning them,
while playing his guitar.

He frequently went on a
journey to towns over the
middle part of the United States,
for reading out his poems and stories.
After his reading out loud,
he took out his guitar and
had a time for songs.

Poems for Children Nowhere near Old Enough to Vote
is a selection of his poems for the very young,
with strong, black-[and-]white, pictures.
It's a bit like The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown.
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The sky is a strange thing. The sky is there because the sun and stars are there. The sky is high because birds and mountains are there. The sky is strange existence needing some other things with it. Without these supporters, the sky may not be looked at, but it is still there. In our language, the sky has the sense of "nothing".
| H. Tsubota | 2009/03/27 9:50 AM |
Dear Tsubotasan:

Yes. Sora, the Japanese word for the sky, has the sense of having nothing there. The old Chinese letter used with the Japanese word has the same sense: nothing inside.
| Ryotasan | 2009/04/22 9:12 AM |
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