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Le Guin Stories to be a Japanese Motion Picture
Fantasy is something uncommon and unnatural. Fantasy, in the field of music, is short work with free form. Fantasy, in the field of letters, is fiction story of very uncommon and unnatural events. The most noted American writer of fantasies may be Ursula K. Le Guin.

The most noted work of Le Guin is probably the Earthsea stories. They are about a man named Ged, who has very special power, and about his experiences in a place named Earthsea. Now those stories are to be made into a new motion picture by a Japanese company named Studio Ghibli. The news was made public in Japan this month.

I will put more about the new picture when I get more news, more about Le Guin, and more about fantasies in my daybook.

Online pages in English by Ghibli lovers:
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