This is a notebook and guide for learners of English as a second or overseas language, all over the earth. Most of the writings here are in Basic English, first designed by C. K. Ogden, using 850 necessary words and a number of international words only.


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Another Snowfall
It took place last night. After teaching at night school I had to take one of the automobiles at the station requesting to the driver that he would take me to my living place.

It is morning. The earth has a thin, white cover.
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The Art-House
This is the front part of the building named Fukushima Kenritsu Bijutsu Kan, the greatest house of arts in our town.
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Music in the 100-Year Old Church
I am a piper, or a player of pipes. My pipes, made of wood or plastic in different sizes, are instuments of music, named recorders. I have one of the pipes in my hands, upright, and put my breath through the pipe, and a sound comes out, making music.

I have some friends who are players of those pipes, and we sometimes have a good time making music together.

Yesterday, four of us got on stages. The first stage was at a day-care house for old persons. The second was at a church in our town.

The church where we had music that day is a small house made of wood. It has looks like an old American school-house. The work of building the house was done in 1905. So it is 100 years old, but it is well-kept and clean.

It was the time of nightfall when we were playing. Some persons put lines of wax-lights on the earth in front of the church. The mark of Christian religion on the rooftop was lighted. It was a beautiful night with snow falling. A young woman from a television station was talking outside, with a sound apparatus in her hand.

We had a number of Christmas songs, "Kanon" by the German music-writer Johan Pachelbel, a number of happy music by the American music-writer Leroy Anderson, and "Raise Your Hats!" a group of four short works by the British music-writer James Carey.

In addition to us, there were three other groups who gave music last night: a group of men playing Italian and Spanish corded instruments, players of metal pipes, and a group of female voices.

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Pictures of the Church
You may see some pictures of the 100-year old church-house from this bookmark. The house was more beautiful that night.

The 100-year old church:"
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Against the Sky
These branches are of a tree in the garden of the art-house. This picture was taken on the same day I took the one of the building.
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We do not see, in our town, an orange-colored sundown like this. Because we have mountains in the west, the sun goes out of view before it gets red. The picture was taken at a place away from our living place. We are having the year-end days with our relations, with old ones and young ones getting together.

A number of bad things have taken place this year on the earth. They make me sad. The earth, the animals, plants and persons on it are in need of greater love.

I have had, however, a greater number of good experiences. I am looking forward to having a new year and hoping that every one of you may have a happy new year!
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After the Sundown

This picture was taken shortly after the sundown on that December day, away from my living place.
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White Sundown
This is a view from the
floor where I have my

The picture was taken yesterday.

The sun was going down to the other side of mountains before changing its color.
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Doorway to the Sky?

This picture was taken in December,
when I was waiting for a bus.
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It is a beautiful day but the
wind is cold.
I am going over mountains to a
seaside town for
business through the
away from my family.

Now I am on a bus,
looking at houses by the road.
Boy[s] and girls
back from school are
going on their feet.
The bus is going away from
town up into woods over

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